Welcome to my website. I'm pleased you found me and I hope you will stay a while.

I'm a British author of poetry, short stories, memoirs and novels. A number of my poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies, and I have three published novels.

Instilled at an early age with appreciation of the natural world, it is still immensely important to me and much of my poetry celebrates it, as do my novels. I always write from knowledge and experience. In fact you could probably tell exactly where I've lived from the places I write about. This includes Umbria in central Italy, my home for more than thirteen years.

Italian was a delight as another Romance language after my degree in French and Spanish - and not just the language but also the landscape and culture, which inspired a series of short stories (Tales from Rural Umbria) as well as a novel, The Wolves of Little Mouse Valley.

My novels explore a range of emotions and issues, from loss and loneliness to self-discovery and joy. In some, an element of fantasy is interwoven with the realism. But read them and find out for yourself!

I live close to the sea in Scotland, in a small stone bungalow that was once a stable, with the companionship of two Italian rescue dogs, one or other of which permanently occupies the knee-hole of my desk.

As an amateur photographer, most of the photographs on the website are my own. The one on this page was taken by my good friend Lorraine Johnston.

My novel "Wild Goose" is available both as an e-book and a paperback on Amazon while "Skolthan" and "Queen Anne's Lace" are available there as e-books.

Outlines and excerpts for all five of my novels can be found after the pages of my published poems.

A little bit about me