'Wild Goose' is the story of Jemima, a bright, serious and sensitive girl who has been brought up by her grandparents in the countryside. She goes to live with her father Leonard when her grandfather dies and her grandmother remarries.

Leonard, a possessive although not uncaring father, attempts to model her in his image as a student of English Literature. Jemima's own inclinations are towards Natural History but her resources aren't sufficient to combat Leonard's influence.

Following a desperate cry for help, other relatives rally to find her the support she needs and a solution begins to take shape.

It's a novel about a well-meaning adolescent who fears rejection, and a blinkered parent. It reminds us how much children can be affected by the vicarious ambition of the grown-ups in their lives, and how their individuality should be sacrosanct.

As Colin Firth says in an interview, discussing the film 'When did you last see your father': "There's something quite narcissistic about ... family love. I want to love you the way I want to. I want to own you. Be like me ... so I can understand you."
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