To a dog on the operating table

I will take you home, my darling,
My angel, my love, when it’s over.
I will take you home to sunshine,
To grass and gravel, to wind
In your fur, to a thousand
Smells and a hundred places
To drink, after the rain,
To companionship, to the goal,
The hopeless goal, of catching
Fat green lizards under the lavender.

You will sit, again, and wait for me
By the garden door, and bark
To the dog across the valley,
And corner the neighbour’s cat
In an apple tree. You will carve
Your space among legs, and occupy
The aisle beside my bed. You will sleep
And live with us, eat, breathe …
I will take you home, my darling,
When all of this is over.
Published in Shorts Magazine